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Boat workshop
The boats are dried out at the end of October or the beginning of November, before the rain, storms and snow announce the onset of the Black Forest winter.

We have four hangars where we store the boats over the winter. They house the two large passenger ships, the electric motorboats, the pedalos and the rowing boats.

The weathering and wear and tear over the summer take their toll. After a thorough clean, the maintenance begins. This involves checking all the boats and repairing any damaged areas. They are rubbed down and painted, the bearings are replaced, seals are checked, the sidewalls are beaten out, pieces of wood are inserted and the gear oil is changed.

In the winter, the helmsmen and captains become carpenters, joiners, metal workers and mechanics.

At the heart of the boatyard is the large stock of spare parts and the fully equipped workshop containing all kinds of mechanical tools. These include lathes, band saws, sanders, planers and circular saws, as well as milling and grinding machines and welding equipment.

Weather permitting, the fleet is then once again spruced up and ready for guests at Easter.

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The boats, the lake and the guests.
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